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How do birds have sexSee also: Evolution of monogamy Monogamy occurs when one male mates with one female exclusively. A monogamous mating system is one in which individuals form long-lasting pairs and cooperate in raising offspring. These pairs may last for a lifetime, such as in pigeons , [6] or it may occasionally change from one mating season to another, such as in emperor penguins. Zoologists and biologists now have evidence that monogamous pairs of animals are not always sexually exclusive. Many animals that form pairs to mate and raise offspring regularly engage in sexual activities with extra-pair partners. Sometimes, these extra-pair sexual activities lead to offspring.Like reptiles, amphibians, some fish, and monotremes (egg-laying mammals), birds have an orifice called the cloaca which serves as the exit point for the urinary. Q. How do birds have sexual intercourse? A. Parents have supposedly explained human reproduction to children in terms of the birds and the. The males of most bird species do not have a penis, both sexes have a In fact, only 3% of birds can boast a penis, and these species include...the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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